The importance of weather forecasting in various sectors:

Aeronautics – forecasting cloudiness, visibility and wind conditions are necessary for safety when taking off and landing. The knowledge of weather conditions (turbulence in clean air and the presence of ice in convective clouds) in flight routes is also important for safety reasons. In addition, prior knowledge of the temperatures and winds that will be encountered during a route influences the decision on the amount of fuel that will be supplied to the aircraft; any mistake in this matter can be fatal.

Navigation – the predictions of storms, rains, winds, ice formation etc., help in determining the best route for the ship, which is the one that ensures the safety of everyone on board and also that the time spent on the trip is kept to a minimum (the latter in the case of cargo transport).

Tourism – the weather forecast indicates which are the best places to visit and in which seasons. It also helps to choose the most suitable tour for the day.


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