Sustainability Manifesto



Internal management. At the most basic level, sustainability practices can be applied to the operations and activities that take place within a company’s headquarters and at its country offices. Changes might include using sustainably produced paper for brochures, minimizing energy use and waste production, and ensuring acceptable staff working conditions. (Office supplies will be from sustainable suppliers).


Product development and management. TQ Travel Quality’s choice of services, routes and activities for its products determines the sustainability of the holidays it offers. The challenge here is to design holiday packages that have lower environmental and social burdens while still yielding acceptable economic returns.


Supply chain management. Most elements of a holiday package are delivered by suppliers who are subcontracted by the us. Thus, the selection and contracting of service providers is an important opportunity to influence the sustainability of products. Actions here might include setting sustainability standards in consultation with suppliers, assessing them on their performance and supporting improvements, and providing incentives for meeting the standards. (Questionnaires).


Customer relations. TQ Travel Quality can help raise consumer awareness of sustainability issues by providing information on appropriate behaviour, such as purchasing local products, respecting local cultural norms, and avoiding environmental impacts such as littering or wildlife disturbance. (Tour leader’s and Guides with clean and safe stamp).


Co-operation with destinations. Tour operators, either individually or through joint industry forums, can influence the sustainability of destinations by supporting sustainable decision-making by destination authorities and other local actors and by engaging in philanthropic activities. (Seminar with suppliers and programs with charities in our country).


Clean and Safe overall Stamp provided by the Portuguese Tourism Board.


Staff learning hours 35h/40h year for continuous professional education, complied by law.


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