Beyond its climate, its people, the ocean and its rich cuisine, Portugal offers a great deal required by even the most experienced traveler. TQ Travel Quality DMC offers you a complete range of services:



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Portugal is one of the European nations with a history that has influenced all the world.

This is an excellent opportunity to send FITS and Groups to visit our beautiful country. We can provide tour guides in english and other languages and also make tailor made itineraries as well as the fixed ones we have all year.

The purpose of TQ DMC is to achieve total satisfaction of its customers in their area of expertise, guaranteeing the customer a highly qualified partnership and maximizing financial return. We offer customization, innovation, competitiveness and originality. We have a team of specialized professionals which is a guarantee for success.

Country of Atlantic calling, with a rich history. We were forerunners of trade relations between the different Continents and established cultural and commercial exchanges between people all over the world. Portugal invites you to a journey through the history of civilizations gathered in this corner of Europe by the sea.

We connect continents and people. We are recognized for the gastronomy, the language, the Fado, the Port wine, the warmth of our people and also by the heritage listed by UNESCO. With 850 km of Atlantic coastline, we are the European country with the most hours of sunshine. But Portugal is also a modern country and offers quality services and technology to the level of the most demanding customer. Today we are one of the most requested destinations by large companies when they want to organize a particularly demanding and special event.

The country has grown and is now sought by a new kind of tourist – young, demanding, expectant – who seeks to participate in, speak about and live new adventures and realities. And we have a lot to offer: surfing, kite surfing, climbing, tracking, balloon rides, cruises, more radical experiments and more. With our headquarters in Lisbon, Portugal, Travel Quality DMC and TQ Events are two companies that provide high standard services in the tourism sector, each one specialized in its area.

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